ZipZag is an aerial amusement ride, fuelled by gravity.

Enjoyed by adults and children alike.

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Home of the most exciting, class-leading zip coaster

  • Our ZipZag rides provide you with a fantastic opportunity to increase visitor numbers to your attraction by utilising otherwise unused space within your existing facility. Our rides can be installed in a wide variety of locations ranging from indoor sites such as trampoline parks and play centres to outdoor attractions, holiday parks and amusement parks.

  • Our unique patented safety features allow for rapid rider turnaround. These features contribute to class-leading throughput figures you can rely on. Return on your investment is typically within 1-2 years, we have seen some rides pay back in lunder a year.

  • We have built an excellent reputation for after-sales care. We are so confident in the quality of our rides that we provide a comprehensive 36-month warranty to run alongside our Service and Maintenance package.

  • We are constantly innovating, allowing you to lead and stay ahead of the competition. For example we were the first company in the world to design and install a FREERUN™ Parkour system integrated into our rides.

We are incredibly passionate about ZipZag Rides, the reputation we have built, and above all the difference we can make to the overall profitability of your attraction.

    Gravity-powered air time

    Experience ZipZag...

    Outdoors at Gulliver's Kingdom, UK

    Aerial view at Gulliver's Kingdom, UK

    Indoors at JumpYard, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Indoors at SprungRaum, Koln, Germany

    Key feature of our rides

    Boost Ride Experience

    ZipZag continuously innovates to deliver the best experience possible. The exciting elements of the ride include the anticipation, being clipped on to the trolley, the climb up to the launch platform and of course, the self-launch! Our trolley is made of aluminium, creating a lighter product which allows all, including small children, to be able to tow it up to the launch platform.


    The materials and finish of your attraction is designed to be suitable for indoor and outdoor venues. Your ride will be designed by Chartered Engineers and installed by our professional team. We have a proven record of zip coaster installations, delivering attractions safely and on time. Please contact us to ask for references to support this.

    After-sales Service & Maintenance

    Your purchase of a ZipZag will include a warranty for your ride for the first year. Purchase of ZipZag’s ongoing service and and maintenance package extends your warranty.


    ZipZag creates an accessible ride to cater to a wide range of ages, from younger children to adults. We offer a range of harnesses to accommodate different ages, sizes and heights from 94cm (3’1”).


    The ZipZag ride is visually attractive as well as delivering an exhilarating experience. We design the ride to look aesthetically pleasing to complement and enhance the energy of your space.


    Typically, with 2 staff, the throughput is 50-70 riders per hour and with 3 staff in attendance is 70-90 riders per hour.

    This data is based on detailed feedback gathered from our rides.

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