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Water Coolers for the Africa Trust

At ZipZag Rides, we understand the vital role of maintaining the hydration of our team for optimal performance throughout the workday. Therefore, we have made a deliberate choice to invest in high-quality water coolers from AquAid.

Our unique partnership with AquAid goes beyond just ensuring the well-being of our team. It extends a helping hand to those less fortunate as well. Through each purchase, an automatic donation is made to The Africa Trust, supporting the construction of ‘Elephant Pumps’—a modified version of an age-old Chinese rope pulley system. Currently, a new pump, funded by ZipZag Rides, is being installed in Africa, providing a crucial source of clean and fresh drinking water to many in need.

Children Teens at Elephant Pump
AT Logo - Women and Men pumping water

In the spirit of our commitment, ‘ZipZag Rides’ will be proudly displayed on the well. We eagerly anticipate the construction of the Elephant Pump, and more importantly, hearing of the important differences the provision of clean drinking water is providing to improve lives in the local communities of Africa thanks to ZipZag, AquaAid and their work with The Africa Trust.

To date, AquAid has successfully built over 8,000 Elephant Pumps across Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. The total charitable contributions exceed £20 million, a testament to their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Explore more about ZipZag Rides and AquAid to discover how our collaboration is not only enhancing workplace hydration but also making a tangible and meaningful difference in communities worldwide.