Sam Baker

Product Designer

Sam started with the company in 2019 as a freelance product designer and soon after took an opportunity to join the team in a full-time role. Sam works primarily within the design department demonstrating a strong ability to deliver both amazing looking renders as well as accurate technical drawings. He continues to be a valuable member of the design team here at ZipZag.

James Thomas
James Thomas

Project Engineer

James joined us shortly after graduating from Liverpool University. He has recently successfully completed his first project in Sweden as the lead Project Manager. As an enthusiastic individual, he is looking forward to progressing within the company and travelling to as many new countries as possible!

Aled Hughes
Aled Hughes

Design Engineer

Aled joined ZipZag early 2022 after completing his master’s in mechanical manufacturing. Aled is a member of ZipZag’s design team and gets involved in both concept and detailed design. Aled has already contributed to several successful projects around the world and continues to grow as a talented designer with every day. His dedication and new perspective make him a valuable addition to the engineering department.

Josh Wheeler

Project Manager

Josh joined the in-house ZipZag installation team seeking a new challenge following his 9 years’ experience as a maintenance engineer. His practical ability and eagerness to learn saw him quickly progress to project manager and he now oversees projects from handover of design through to installation. Josh continues to enjoy the challenges and variety each day brings at ZipZag.

Jonny Hewitt

Senior Engineer

Jonny joined ZipZag in early 2021, having previously worked in the automotive and manufacturing engineering sectors. The transition into the amusement rides industry has been challenging and exciting to say the least! As a Senior Project Engineer, Jonny is responsible for the delivery of rides over the whole project, taking them from the initial schemes, all the way through to installation and commissioning.

James Oliver

Senior Engineer

Jimmy was involved in one of ZipZag’s early installations on an undergraduate placement. Upon graduating ZipZag snapped him up. He has since taken a full-time role at ZipZag rides, where he demonstrates outstanding technical ability as a senior project engineer as well as head of Research & development.

Dan McCarthy

Technical Director

Dan started working with Dave as a Structural Engineer in 2016 and his journey into the wonderful world of Zip-Coasters started not long after. With over a hundred bespoke Zip-Coaster designs in his portfolio, he is proud to be leading the amazing technical team at ZipZag, driving the design and delivery of world class amusement rides