ZipZag is an aerial amusement ride, fuelled by gravity.

Suitable for adults and children alike.

ZipZag can be installed

indoors or outdoors in ..

Trampoline Parks

Indoor play areas

Shopping centres

Theme parks

Holiday parks


Farm parks

Gravity-powered air time

Introducing ZipZag...

  • Loved by adults and children alike, every ride is a different experience of twists, spins and flying out to the side.

  • Riders fly over the venue, with an aerial view of all the attractions on offer.

What the riders say...

  • The rider does not control the speed of the ride – it is gravity fuelled, which makes for a more exhilarating ride.

  • Safety aspects of the ride are of paramount importance to us: we use safety harnesses for the riders, have rescue systems for the ride and we provide full ride safety operation training for operators. The ride also has ADIPS and ASTM F24 approval in the UK and USA.

Owner testimonial ...

  • ZipZag can be fitted into indoor and/ or outdoor spaces, either as part of an overall attraction or we can build it as a stand alone ride.

  • ZipZag is a great way to add an additional revenue stream to your venue or a way to revitalise an existing attraction.

  • The length and location of the ride will determine its throughput, however recent installations are managing approximately 60 people per hour.

Have a project you'd like to talk about?

A ZipZag installation is totally bespoke. Each ride is tailormade for your specific needs so we work with you to design the most exhilarating ride suitable for your venue.

We have a dedicated team of professionals designing and installing ZipZags and who will manage the project from the initial contact to final handover of the ride.

    We look forward to answering any questions you may have, please get in touch!

    Contact us for worldwide sales and company information.

      Meet the team

      • We are an engineering consultancy based in the North West of England that specialise in designing and installing amusement rides.

      • We have over 30 years experience, working on projects varying in size from the London Eye, roller coasters to small amusement rides.

      • Our team have designed and installed zip coasters around the world, both branded and white label, and we are proud of our innovation and continued investment in product development.

      • We are members of IAAPA , the Global Association for the Attractions Industry, and IATP , the International Association of Trampoline Parks.

      Photos of our rides

      Experience ZipZag...

      Outdoors at Gulliver's Kingdom, UK

      Aerial view at Gulliver's Kingdom, UK

      Indoors at JumpYard, Gothenburg, Sweden

      Indoors at SprungRaum, Koln, Germany