We always look for rides that offer our visitors something different and that will stick well within our parks. The ZipZag ride has definitely stuck well!

I knew we had something really special when we tested out our first ZipZag ride with friends and family – we couldn’t get the kids off that ride, they must have had 50 rides each within a 2 hour period!

We find that kids visiting for the first time often buy a single ride and then come off it and buy a 3-ride ticket straight after. As a result, we are seeing a lot of repeat customers and a lot of repeat business. Our ZipZag rides have proved to be so popular that they have created a really important revenue stream for JumpYard.


The best product, the best design team, the best installation team and overall an excellent attraction.

We built a showcase attraction that wows guests upon entering – you can hear the kids gasp as a rider flies above them!

In the first 4 months, we had 10,000+ rides on the ZipZag ride. It is truly an attraction that has created our brand – one that is a notch above others in the US.

Isaac Brandon
General manager and construction co-ordinator

AirCity 360